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Roof Construction

On average the cost to replace a roof ranges between $7,000–$14,000 depending on the size and the materials used. Typically the roof on a house needs to be replaced every 20–50 years, if proper inspections have been done on it over the years. Without appropriate maintenance, hidden damage could cause much more expensive repairs and potential replacements.

Missing Spring Gutter Cleaning can Ruin Your Roof and Siding


Yes, it is that time again if you haven’t done so already! That extra chore that most every home owner dreads every year. Whether it’s the fact of taking the ladder out or having to get on the roof and trying to dig out the decomposed leaves, seeds, and shingle gravel. Almost everyone does not look forward to climbing on the roof to clean the gutters. But, this is definitely one chore that needs to be done and will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

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