Missing spring gutter cleaning can ruin your roof and siding

Yes it is that time again if you haven’t done so already! That extra chore that most every home owner dreads every year. Weather its the fact of taking the latter out or having to get on the roof and trying to dig out the decomposed leaves, seeds and shingle gravel.   Almost everyone does not look forward to climb on the roof to clean the gutters. But this is definitely one chore that needs to be done and will save a lot of time and money in the long run on replacing your gutters along with your roof and siding. No matter what expert or home professional you talk to most of them agree that maintenance on your gutters will drastically reduce the chances of the home owner having to replace his or her gutters and over time clogged gutters can damage a lot more than just your gutters, siding and roofing. Gutters that are not maintained can also damage your fascia board, rafters and the plywood sheathing under your roof cause a lot more heartache and money than climbing up there once a year.