Martin H.

We had a small leak in our family room ceiling and I called a few companies to come out and see what was going on with the roof. I had two companies who basically said the roof was past it’s useful life and needed replacement. They never mentioned any storm damage from a hail storm the past Spring. Then, Joe from Certaseal Construction came out to our home in Tinley Park.
I always have my guard up when construction companies come to my home, especially when they are looking at a part of the house I know nothing about like the roof. To my surprise, Joe not only got up on the roof and took pictures, but he actually educated me on the condition of our roof and damage that had been done by the storm. Even though the roof was original to the house which was 19 years old, Joe made it clear that the hail had caused damage that should be covered by our homeowner’s insurance policy. Joe said that if we filed a claim he would deal directly with the insurance company adjuster since he was confident that the damage on our roof was from the storm and would meet the insurance claim requirements. Again, I was skeptical, but Joe was convincing so we filed the claim. To my surprise, Joe did everything he said he would and then some. He actually called our Village office when the insurance company declined to cover certain areas of the roof. The Village agreed with Joe’s assessment and eventually so did the insurance company – the roof was covered in full. Certaseal completed the roof quickly after the insurance company agreed to cover in full. The new roof is beautiful and added to our home value which proved important since we decided to downsize and were able to sell our home quickly. I am convinced the new roof was a key factor in the quick sale. Certaseal was not perfect. I was cursing their job manager when he moved our install date up a few days and only gave me a couple of hours notice before the crew arrived. I was however able to speak directly with James, the President of Certaseal, who understood why I was cursing his job manager. James turned out to be a real human being which is why I am writing this review. If you are reading this and have questions, James has my number and knows I am willing to give you my story with Certaseal – the good, the bad and the “beautiful roof” part.

This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Martin H. on 8/9/2015