Joliet Home Receives New Siding

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A home owner contacted us through are website asking for a free inspection and estimate for her home to see if they had any damage to roofing and siding. We sent out a CertaSeal inspector to look over the home and found roofing and siding damage to the home from wind. He gave the home owner a detailed report on the damage the home had along with pictures and videos. He then gave a estimate for the cost of repairs and installation time frame. The home owner wanted to get other estimates so wanted to wait. 1 week later the home owner contact us and wanted to use CertaSeal to repair and replace there homes roofing, siding and gutters.

We helped the home owner pic out new shingles, vinyl siding, and aluminum gutters. Once their home products were picked out we order them and set up a installation date.

The Customer was Happy with the end result!